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St Pancras International Station
November 2007

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One-On are delighted to be associated with the re-opening of St. Pancras as an international station through it’s sub-contracted works to Thales Telecom Services. After six years work, and at a cost of nearly £800 million, St Pancras has not only been restored and modernised, the station has also become a major international destination in it’s own right.

One-On were sub-contracted by Thales to install communication cable at various locations throughout the St. Pancras terminal. The works were normally carried out during weekend night time possessions in confined space conditions.

One-On’s Project Manager Steve Payne commented that he was extremely proud to have been involved in such a high profile scheme, and although One-One’s contribution to the scheme was small by comparison to the scale of the whole project, the contribution made would no doubt be as historical as that of the original designer William Barlow.

St Pancras Station

St Pancras Station






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