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Pivotal to One-On’s ongoing success has been the Company’s commitment to quality, safety and environmental matters. This has enabled the business to establish a workforce of highly skilled and competent people, with vast experience of cable containment routes, cable installation and all aspects of minor civil engineering within the railway environment.

The competence of all of One-On’s staff is regularly assessed and a programme of continuous improvement has been implemented which represents only a small part of the ongoing “investment in people” that we advocate.

Safety is a priority issue on all civil engineering contracts and is a particular concern when working on the railways. One-On places high priority on the safety of site operatives and the general public. The company invests in both the training and equipment necessary to ensure that risks are minimised, as a result we have and maintain an excellent safety record.

The company’s philosophy on SHEQ is very clear - to ensure that all employees are suitably competent to perform their duties in accordance with these systems and policies.

During induction training, all One-On personnel and subcontractors are made aware of the company’s SHEQ policies and systems in the context of the company’s commitment to providing our customers with a quality product whilst protecting the environment and the safety of all those affected by the activities.

Personnel are encouraged to bring any SHEQ issues to the attention of their line manager or the SHEQ Manager as it is the company’s aim to address any methods of working that are inconsistent with the objectives laid out in its policy statements.





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